We are excited to announce the second year of partnering with the University of Virginia’s Frank Batten School of Leadership Public Policy (UVA Batten) on the student simulation competition.

UVA Batten’s Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming will bring technical expertise and develop the simulation module. NASPAA will oversee the logistics of running the competition as well as devising the educational components of the simulation to ensure that the content resonates with public policy and administration students.

The 2018 Topic: Pandemic Crisis Management and Global Health Security:

The simulation will focus on the roles MPA/MPP graduates would have to play in the event of a pandemic outbreak of a deadly infectious disease. MPA/MPP students will work within the confines of governing bodies to reassess the rules and institutions that govern health policy and practice at the subnational, national, regional, and global levels. In this simulation, MPA/MPP students will take the lead roles in identifying solutions and potential strategies to mitigate the potential devastating impacts of a pandemic. NASPAA believes it is imperative that MPA/MPP students’ knowledge on “global health security” is furthered so they are prepared to act during a public health crisis.


Next year, there will be two weekends set aside for the 2018 NASPAA-Batten Student Simulation (the weekend of Saturday, February 24, 2018 and the weekend of Saturday, March 3, 2018).

Host Sites: CLICK HERE