The Nomination and Registration period for the 2018 competition has CLOSED.

We will open applications for the 2019 competition in the late Fall of 2018.

Deans/Directors/PAA Advisors

The Dean/Director/PAA Advisor student nomination process will begin on October 13. Deans may nominate up to three students to participate in the competition. Deans/Directors/PAA Advisors will have up until November 13 to nominate students. Please click here to nominate students to participate in the competition.


Note to all student applicants:

The competition will take place over two weekends. Please select the closest sites to you while filling out the application form.

All students will be notified of their acceptance by December 28.

Students will be placed into teams several weeks prior to the competition. Students will be introduced to your teammates at least one week before competition day.

Students Nominated by Deans/Directors/Pi Alpha Alpha (PAA) Advisors:

Students who have been nominated by a Dean/Director/PAA Advisor to participate in the competition will be notified by a NASPAA Simulation Competition team member. If you are intent on participating in the competition, you will need to formally apply to participate in the competition here. As a Dean/Director/PAA Advisor nominee, you be placed in the priority applicant pool. The deadline to apply is December 23.

Students Self-Registering for the Competition:

Students who have not been nominated by a Dean/Director/PAA Advisor please click here to apply to participate in the competition. For non-dean/Director/PAA nominated students, registration begins on November 13. You will be selected on a rolling basis. The deadline to apply is December 23.


If a member school is unable to offer travel assistance, the student may apply to have his or her travel expenses reimbursed by NASPAA here. The student must be able to provide an estimate of his or her travel expenses that will not be covered by his or her university.


Reimbursement will be provided on condition of attendance and participation in the competition. Students participating in U.S. sites will receive checks on competition day. Students participating outside the U.S. will be reimbursed via PayPal. It is imperative that all students needing to be reimbursed create a PayPal account so funds can be transferred on a timely basis.

NASPAA will not reimburse the student for food and beverage purchases.

The student seeking reimbursement must make all purchases by January 20, 2018 to ensure reasonable travel and lodging rates (i.e. last minute bookings that incur high costs will not be reimbursed). To receive reimbursement from NASPAA, submit copies of all receipts by February 5, 2018.  If you plan to drive to a competition site, please provide us with an estimate of gas costs (please use IRS Standard Mileage Rate). All receipts and gas estimates should be e-mailed to by February 5.

** Reasonable expenses include coach class airfare/train/bus/rental car/gas fees and maximum one-night lodging expenses in a modest accommodation (AirBNB, dorm, hostels). Those selected to receive lodging assistance may be asked to share a room if applicable.

For any questions about the reimbursement process, please e-mail