Students competing in the 2016 Student Competition should pursue the following options to finance travel to a regional competition site:

  • Approach your home institution to ask for travel assistance. If the school is unwilling or unable to support student travel, the student must email prior to the competition and share his/her intention to seek reimbursement and provide an estimate of travel expenses. If NASPAA is not contacted prior to the competition, reimbursement might not be granted.
  • If expenses are not covered by a home institution, NASPAA will reimburse 90% of reasonable personal travel expenses*, provided that the student participates in the competition and certifies that he/she is not claiming or receiving reimbursement from any other organization. NASPAA will not reimburse for food or beverage purchases. NASPAA will reimburse reasonable expenses at the best published rate on February 13, 2016 (2 weeks prior to the competition). If reimbursement expenses are expected to exceed $500, students should request pre-approval from NASPAA.

*Reasonable expenses include coach class airfare/train/bus transportation fees, personal vehicle usage at the Federal rate, rental car usage, and one night of stay in a local hotel. If you must stay at a hotel for two nights, please contact NASPAA for advanced approval for the second night.

To receive reimbursement from NASPAA, download and complete this form and email it with copies of all receipts by March 31, 2016 to